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Website Designing and Development

Web design includes a number of skills that are geared towards the creation of a distinct website look. At Kapslog,there are a number of website designing ways. These include firstly, UI (User interface) design. Secondly, web graphic design. Thirdly, UX design. Fourthly, SEO (SearchEngine Optimisation).The main point that is to be kept in consideration is that the different ways should ideally, be carried out be a number of people. Let’s say that the total team of website designers consists of about 30 people. Out of these five are involved in the UI (User interface) designing. 6 are involved in web graphic designing. Four are involved in UX designing. The remaining 15 people are involved in the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This will help achieve the best results. This is better than the case where only few people (let’s say 4 to 6) are involved in all the 4 website designing ways. It will not help in getting good results. Here all people will not be working according to their skills and expertise. If people happen to have a specialization they can branch out. This will make the work effective and efficient. Also, generally more number of people means better utilization of manpower. It places the least stress and pressure on the available human resources. This ultimately helps in better web designing results.

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Importance of Website Designing and Development

  • 01. A good appearance – Through the use of website designing, Kapslog, can develop its own appearance. If the text quality is good but the appearance of the website is not good, then it may put off the visitors of the website. In order to allow the consumers to go through the text of the website, the display needs to be attractive. If the display is attractive then the people surfing the web will be easily drawn to the content of the website.

  • 02. Simple display of complicated texts – most of the times, Kapslog uses written medium to offer content. But the presentation form is not up to the mark. The user may like the whole appearance of the website but will not like complicated text that is full of difficult language. At Kapslog, the Website design and development allows the data to be presented in a comprehensible and simple manner.

  • 03. Unique look – A website that has an excellent design and development will give it a unique look. If the uniqueness is appreciated by the visitors then this will improve overall experience of the users of the specific website. As soon as users and consumers identify website on recognizing its appearance, this will help the organization a lot.

  • 04. Promotes loyalty and trustworthiness - A good website like Kapslog with sufficient development helps promote user participation. Not only this, but it also promotes trustworthiness. These values allow the website to have a set of loyal followers over time. Once the users feel that the website offers good content services with beautiful images, it will lead to increased customer base. This is because, the customers will be happy with the website and hence loyal to it.

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