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18 march 2019
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Search Engine Optimization is used as the full form of SEO. It refers to the procedure of enhancing one’s website productivity. This is achieved by improving and enhancing the visibility of the website. If a website has a good visibility then it will take no time to reach many people. The people will have an easy time first noticing it and then recognizing it. This is when people can associate quality with the website. If people pay attention to the website then only will they share their experience with others. Not only existing customers will welcome this but new customers will be able to place their confidence on it.

Working of SEO

It is possible that many people are unaware about how it functions. But anyone who has used web browsers to search for any topic, know how a number of links are shown. These people are making use of the SEO work’s results without them knowing it. The website links shown on the page showing results for the topic mentioned has in reality used SEO in order to serve the online consumers.Any search engine is tasked with finding information on the content related to the topic all over the internet. After this index building takes place. Later, an algorithm utilizes the index. This results in all the specific data that goes with a particular request.


When people avail the SEO services they generally seem to ask for the following -

  1. Content construction
  2. Promotional content construction
  3. Attracting more customers
  4. Retaining quality customers
  5. Rapid display of content
  6. Structure of presentation of content
  7. Development of website
  8. Removal of content not required


Kapslog is based on providing excellent and competent SEO services. Our SEO team comprises of 8 people. Out of these 5 are females and 3 are males. In the beginning, 2 people were selected for this work. But as the demand grew, six more people were employed over a period of 2 years. Many businesses and organisations have entrusted us with the work of improving the website’s visibility, especially in the morning hours. The 8 member team has the following qualities -

  1. Talented
  2. Smart
  3. Trustworthy
  4. Competitive
  5. Creative
  6. Innovative
  7. Persevering
  8. Diligent
  9. Empowered
  10. Capable
  11. Driven
  12. Competent
  13. Intellectual
  14. Brilliant
  15. Swift
  16. Precise
  17. Goal- driven


There are many ways that help in achieving SEO. These are using index, crawling prevention, enhancing distinctiveness and so on. The most significant one has been discussed here -
Enhancing distinctiveness - This is made possible through using keywords in the content. The keywords need to be used generously throughout the content. Making changes in the website by updating it also helps in increasing its overall distinctiveness. Accessibility of web pages by using multiple URL’s will possibly make it popular and improve its presence on the internet. This method helps the website gain popularity. This gives it an edge over other websites.

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