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PPC(Pay Per Click)

Pay Per Click is a method which is dependent on the number of clicks.A number of ads are placed under this. The ads can be in many forms. They can appear in the form of image or text or a specific link. It can also be in the form of a graphic. In this type of advertising, payment is made according the number of times, a consumer has clicked on a specific or general advertisement link. This method is highly sensitive to the number of users pressing a particular link.


There are a number of features associated with the PPC. These are mentioned below –

  • 01. Direct proportion - The amount to be paid is in tandem with the number of times the specific link has been pressed. This ensures that the advertiser gets the income that is not out of touch with the actual advertising work accomplished. It is a means for fair pay.
  • 02.Small scale advertising is acceptable- On a number of occasions an advertiser may not want to reach out to many people. The advertisement is placed according to the needs of the advertiser. In such a case the advertisement will not be placed on a popular page. Therefore, the method is based on the needs of advertiser. On the contrary, if the advertiser requires large scale advertising to be done, then he or she can make up their mind and get it done.

  • 03. The advertiser is not worried – In this method, the advertiser need not be worried about the effectiveness of the advertisement. He or she can be assured of affecting a certain number of people through PPC. Therefore, this method is basically based on getting the right output. In the method of using newspapers or poster as advertisement tool, a person is never sure if the right number of people actually went through it. However, in PPC the people reached are easily known.

  • 04. Simple yet effective way of advertising – this is not only simple but also effective way of advertising. This method is not at all complicated. This means that it can be implemented easily without any hassle.
  • 05. Reaches large number of people, that is no geographic barriers – In the case of promotional tools that are offline one can not know if the people got to know about the presence of it. This is where the advertiser benefits a lot.
  • 06. Conversion of potential customers – In PPC, the potential customers are converted into actual customers. Many a times customers are looking to make a purchase. This can be in the times such as festival season or some personal occasion like birthdays and/or evening parties. This is when people are browsing online. This is the time PPC comes to be especially beneficial and useful.
  • 07. Not costly - If a person/consumer has not clicked many times on the particular ad, then the person doesn’t have to pay as much. This ensures that the person making the payment for the advertisement is not taken advantage of. It is mainly a very reasonable and acceptable way of doing promotion and marketing.

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