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18 march 2019
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Digital marketing is an important investment for any business that is growth-oriented. Facilitation of online presence is achieved Growth through online presence is gaining traction worldwide. Kapslog allows you to unfold the magic of digital presence and control. We focus on attracting the customers. But,this not where we stop. This is the beginning for us.Kapslog believes that only attracting customers to one’s website is insufficient for the long run. For the long run, retention of customers is really significant. While many organisations follow the former, most organisations choose to ignore the latter. Kapslog makes a provision of the reasons for the need of digital marketing.

Why we need of Digital Marketing

1. Contacting people is low-key: Many a times, people receive unsolicited calls. Not only this, certain unwanted messages find their way into people’s mobiles. The people who are at the receiving end of such messages, become irritated. They try to avoid and block such numbers. But, in the case of digital marketing the procedure is non-intrusive. Lot many people use the internet. They find themselves surfing the web in their free time. This is the time we implement our strategy of allowing people to choose whether they want to select the option of getting thorough information regarding any topic. We add advertisements to this page. If the customers notice that there is certain information provided that maybe useful to them, they show interest.

2. Less time-consuming : Even though both the marketing types are important. The online marketing is moreeasy to execute. This is so, because the customers will visit the website of the organization online. They will go through the products provided online. In this case their physical presence is not required. Business gets a chance to grow without much involvement of the head of the business. The people are capable of placing an order if they want. There is least involvement of the people. Most offline businesses consume so muchresources. In offline marketing, a lot of efforts are involved. The marketer needs to hire people for persuading the customers to make purchase. This is not required in digital marketing.

3. Encourages loyalty: Whena customer repeatedly visits a website, then it shows that the customers are finding it to be good. On the first visit to the website the customer places importance on their experience. If they like their experience, then they visit again. This motivates a sort of connection between the user and the website. Once the customer is satisfied about certain stuff, he or she will become loyal to the website. Consequently, accomplishment of marketing objectives occurs.

4. Large number of Customers: If an organsation chooses to do offline marketing, it may not reach many customers. However, in the case of online marketing the reverse is true. A large number of people who are potential customers can be reached. Also, in the case of offline marketing, only specific people get interested by the messages and posters. In online marketing a large group of people, not necessarily located geographically close, can be informed of the various promotional features related to any product or service.

5. Possibility of creation of ideal set of consumers: The capability to focus on specific group of people is possible. At Kapslog, we focus on giving the maximum information. When an organization forms it focuses on the establishment of its objectives and goals. One of the goals can be deciding to have a target audience. It may be on the basis of age, gender or some other factors. For example - an organization may wish to have children aged 4 to 8 years as its target consumers. Major online marketing will be done using techniques suitable for that target group. It simplifies strategizing and goal-oriented growth targets.

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