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Content Writing

At Kapslog, we have a team that is well-equipped to deal with writing good content. Content writing is an area which is a form of writing. Under this, the content creators are expected to perform well. The writing material that our team writes has a specific procedure. Following is the procedure followed -
1. STAGE 1 - Under this, the writing team members are involved in making a rough draft on the specific topic.
2. STAGE 2 - Here, the rough draft is sorted into reasonable points.
3. STAGE 3 - All the content written is arranged in paragraphs as per the various points.
4. STAGE 4 - All the content that is written is arranged in a proper format so as to give it a neat look.
5. STAGE 5 - This is the last process that is followed at Kapslog. In this process, the content is written and sent to the checking committee. Grammatical aspects are checked. Any error on the part of the writers is removed. Then, this process comes to an end.

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    Generally content writing is done on a variety of topics. These topics can be different. Some topics can be related to the females. For example - beauty, fashion, styling, makeup, trends in clothing, female shoes and sandals, female skincare and haircare. Some topics can be related to the males. For example – male fashion, male headwear, shoes, male skincare, male haircare, clothing, office bags and so on. All these form the basis for the content. It allows the content writer to fix a topic around and about which he/she writes. He or she can use his or her imagination in addition to the knowledge he holds. Any task related to the content creation must be done carefully. If not, then it can negatively affect any organisation.

    At Kapslog, a person can accomplish a lot in the field of content writing. We allow sufficient flexibility. Therefore, it helps in the development of the writing skills of our writers. Those who already know content writing get an exposure to various new methods of sorting and organizing the content.


    At Kapslog, the number of topics are limited to 5 per month. On the specific 5 topics the writers have to write about 500 words in 2 days. There is a possibility that the people with the right information may not know the set rules to be followed.


    Sometimes content writer have to follow general guidelines at the time of writing content. These may range from proper use of tenses, correct use of punctuation to defining the concept in the beginning with a small introduction. At Kapslog,the task of the content writer is more specific. It comes with a 8- rule guidelines that mention 4 compulsory points and four non-compulsory points. These guidelines help the writer to follow the rules that make the writing material easier to read, understand and comprehend. A proper structure (format) is followed. This organizes the content so as to reduce the complexity for the reader.

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