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Promotion is the means through which an organization represents the organisation’s values and concerns. It speeds up the growth of the organization. It puts the focus on making customers through holding and keeping the customer’s interest. When the customers are first introduced to an organization through healthy promotion methods, then it puts the organization in a positive light in the mind of the customers. A company’s popularity depends upon its promotional methods. If the company places sufficient importance on its promotion departed, then the company is likely to be known to large number of customers.



The nature of the promotion will depend on the organisation’s  financial structure and financial strength. If a firm has a strong financial structure then it will be able to employ modern and advanced –promotional methods to capture the interest of its potential customers. If a firm has a weak financial structure then, it cannot employ strong ways to promote its services and products. Therefore, every firm has the following -

  1. Finance-related strategies of promotion
  2. Non finance-related strategies of promotion.

In this discussion our focus will lie on the second one.


If one is running a business, with the aim of it being successful, then he or she knows the importance of promotion. Promotionplaysa big role in getting any business ahead of the others. In this competitive age, businesses know how important promotion is. Promotion is needed to maintain a business’ customer base. There are a number of businesses that have seen multifold growth. If a company doesn’t take its promotion seriously, then the following may happen   -

Drop in growth  - If an organization is quick to recognize the opportunities that are coming its way, then it can boost the monetary resources. Similarly, if the business is likely to have some risks that can affect it negatively, then it has to ensure that the positive aspects of business are highlighted through the process of promotion. Most advanced businesses know that even a small dip in growth is not good for the business. So, the business head needs to redeem the business with certain methods of promotion.


Stagnation - Most businesses know that even a small spurt in growth is good. If a business is not experiencing any growth, that means it is experiencing stagnation. This can be a very important drawback for the business. The businessmen should be ready to finance the promotional strategies in this case. This will give the business a push which can result in profits.


Losses(short term and long term) - Presently, businesses have understood the significance of having a promotion department.  If a business doesn’t invest properly in its promotion    programes then it will not be known as a good business. Great businessmen know that a business can do good and still not be properly noticed. In such a situation, it can incur losses. Therefore ,it necessitates promotion.


Fall in customers   - If a company doesn’t promote its products properly, then it can lead to a fall in the customers. On the other hand, if a company promotes its products properly and effectively, then it will lead to customers getting attracted to the company’s product. In this fascination they will want to purchase the product. So, a company that values growth should enlistits promotional initiations.


The following measures can be employed for business promotion-

  1. ONLINE CONTESTS  ANDQUIZZES   - If a website ensures to conduct online contests and quizzes , then it helps in attracting people to the website. It is a kind of soft marketing tool that   captures the attention of the people. When people get to know about the variety of contests that an individual can participate in, then they get excited. This in turn, makes the visitors stay on the website for a much longer time. Consequently, it increases the number of visitors approaching the website.when a certain number of people get to know about the contests then they can spread the information by word of mouth. This word of mouth can boost a business’ appeal and reputation.


  2. CAMPAIGNING - Online campaigning helps the people to participate and get involved. It is a means through which people can understand about the website’s goals, vision and structure. It also helps in increasing the customer base of the website. It is especially beneficial in the case, where a website is not trying to do offline campaigning, where customers need to be physically present.

  3. ONLINESURVEYANDPROPAGANDA - Online  surveys are considered to be a good option to know ifthe customers are happy. It can also be used to get the feedback from the customers regarding their opinions of the website. Online propaganda is beneficial to ensure the development of the website.Online survey helps a business to recognize which areas need more attention. For example – ABC organization comes to know through the survey thatits production team is not functioning properly. Through this information, the organization becomes aware of its area that needs attention. This will help the organization become much better and be recognized for understanding   the customer sentiment.


  4. QUALITY CONTENT  -  Quality content is necessary to become a top website. Sometimes, a website has content that is too long but is not written properly. Then, the peoplevisitingthewebsite, can easily get disappointed. This will make them move onto some other website with better quality content. Therefore, it is advisable to have a good content staff with excellent writing skills.



  5. SPECIFIC CONTENT - A website should ensure that it has got as much specific content as possible. When the business posts general content it may not benefit the customers who are looking for the domain-specific information. So, it will cause dissatisfaction in the website visitors. This will keep the visitors from accessing the website the next time.


  6. COMPREHENSIBLE LANGUAGE - The business should be able to explain its objectives, purpose , future aims and intentions clearly on its website. If we use difficult language then the website will not attract all types of customers. A business should always have the focus on increasing the customers. It will only be possible if the customers are able to understand the reason for existence of the business.


  7. ONLINE HANDLINGOF CUSTOMERS - If a business has an online mechanism to deal with its customers, then the business will experience growth. It will ensure that the customers will put trust in the functioning of the business. They will have faith that the business is sensitive to the needs of the people who are trying to establish connection with them. This will also help those customers who are not able to make it physically to the office.


  8. EASY FEEDBACK MECHANISM  - One should  be able to get immediate  feedback,  if a business wants to sustain itself.  If a business makes sure that it can get feedback immediately, then it can improve upon any negative areas. If there are any weak points of the said business that it is unaware of, then the said business can identify them. Thereafter, the business can take corrective and remedial measures. So, either an email of the business or a business number can be mentioned so that the customers can reach out to the business staff.


  9. ONLINE MARKETING  - Marketinghelps a business to present itself to the world in a better way. Online marketing has the capacity to transform a business. It can help a business have a global reach. If a business can make online marketing work for itself, then it can grow by leaps and bounds. The type of online marketing can impact the business in multiple ways. It can help the business in increasing its presence. Marketing can develop the image of the business in the eyes of the consumers. It will ensure that the customers have the conviction and opinion that the business is good and uses authentic material.


  10. ADVERTISEMENTS  - A business can rely on the advertisements in order to make the business seem noticeable.  Advertisements are used to make the potential customers turn into new customers. When a customer becomes aware of the policies, visions and methods of the business, then, they are more comfortable in continuing to be a client of the said business.


  11. USER-FRIENDLY   - If a website has good material but the visitors can’t access it, then it will have negative consequences for the business. When a user interacts with a website of a particular business, then he or she should have a pleasant experience. This will ensure that the user views the business as well as the website in a positive way.

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