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These days it’s important to not only make a website but to also attract customers. Sometimes, it happens that a website is good but not good enough to attract consumers. On other occasions it might happen that the customers come to the website but they don’t stay on it. One has to beware of the negative information that maybe spread in order to reduce the traffic of a particular website. Therefore, a website can come up with certain strategies to increase the traffic and make it popular.


*Types of ways of increasing website traffic

There are two ways of increasing website traffic by a website creator –

  1. Free ways to increase the website traffic from Google - If one wants to have free traffic then this will be the option to choose. In this option one is not required to finance ways of bringing traffic to a website.
  2. Paid ways to increase the website traffic from Google - If one is capable of spending money then this is the option one should go for.


Explanation of different ways of increasing website traffic


  1. Changing and upgrading already posted blogs  - If a web content is already posted then the  developer can upgrade it. The content can also be edited to make it more effective. If a website content creator knows enough, he or she can provide suggestions regarding changes. This will help in increasing traffic to the website.
  2. Having a feedback mechanism  - When a website mentions that it wants feedback then the person takes notice. It can make the person feel that his or her opinion is going to get importance. This is in turn makes the team have effective feedback and the people feel valued and important.This will help in increasing traffic to the website.


  3. Social media sharing option - If a person is able to use the social media sharing option then it will be effective. Most consumers get a chance to share the particular content on various social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. This will spread the required information as well as attract more people to the website. This will help in increasing traffic to the website.


  4. Provide some video links  -  If many people come to know that the website has some video links then they will naturally place the website as a good one in their minds. This will make them visit the website again and again. This will help in increasing traffic to the website.


  5. Provide some audio links - In the case where there are some audio links placed on the website, then it helps in catching and retaining the attention of the consumers of the content. This works in favour for the websites. Most websites that just have some written content are not able to hold people’s attention for a long duration. They are only able to hold the attention of the people for a short duration. This works against them. Therefore this should be kept in mind.


  6. Usage of attractive images-   If a website uses attractive images, then this works in favour of the website. Those websites that are not able to provide the images lose out on some valuable consumers. After a while, a reader gets bored of only the written information. Images help in bringing clarity to the content. This will help in increasing traffic to the website.


  7. Authentic information - If a website is posting only plagiarized content then people will stop visiting it. As their trust will lessen so will their frequency of visiting the website. Therefore a website should be able to post authentic, original and credible content. This will help in increasing traffic to the website.


  8. Viewing options- If the content can be viewed in only one manner then it can get monotonous. Therefore a person should be able to view the written content in various ways. For example - if a website has the viewing option of seeing the content in the italics or bold or other ways then it will capture the interest of the consumer. This will help in increasing traffic to the website.


  9. Clear and understandable languageIf the consumers are not able to      understand the mentioned content on a   website then they will not like to visit the website the next time. However, if the consumers are able to understand the content easily, then they will place importance on such content. Hence,this will help in increasing traffic to the website.


  1. Web layout -  If the consumers are attracted to the web layout of the content then they will prefer getting all the information from the same website.This will help in increasing traffic to the website.


  2. Useful information   - When there is useful information that is worthy then people really take notice of the website. They may refer the website to the other readers who are looking to get information that is really and practically useful. This will help in increasing traffic to the website. Many a times a person  maybe able to visit the website but isn’t able to get access to the content that is actually useful. If the useful information is displayed in such a way that it catches the interest of the reader then the website will not have trouble reaching out to the other readers. This will help in increasing traffic to the website.


  3. Appealing and interesting content - Any content that a person(reader) finds to be interesting will create positive impact on the mind of the reader. He or she will start associating the website with interesting information which will boost its presence. More and more people will be attracted to the content. Not only this, more and more people will talk positively about the website. This in turn will make the website popular amongst the readers. Once the readers feel that the most interesting information is provided on this specific website, it will add to the website’s recognition. This will help in increasing traffic to the website.


  4. Reader friendly presentation - If the content is presented in an untidy manner then the reader will feel that the website doesn’t have good developers. If the developers function in a good way then the website should be looking presentable. However if the website posts content in such a way that the moment the reader opens the website and finds that the page is beautifully presented , then it will make the website memorable in the minds of the readers. This will encourage more readers to pay attention at the website. This will help in increasing traffic to the website.


  5. Quizzes   - If a website has some quizzes that are made on the information provided then the readers will appreciate it and like it. Quizzes can also have a number of levels. For example - level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4, level 5 and so on. Once a reader gets to clear level 1 of a quiz he or she will get motivated to clear the next level. This will encourage him to come to the website again and again. This will increase the frequency of his or her visits to the websites. Any website that the reader likes will help the website naturally. Quizzes on the content provided can help the reader in getting fully involved in the website. Once the reader engages with the website in this way it will boost the number of people coming to the website. This will help in increasing traffic to the website.


  6. Online reader’s opinion forum- A website should have a link to its opinion forum. This will allow the readers to share their opinion on the various topics and help the website grow. If the website grows, then naturally more readers will get attracted to the website. If the website allows readers to express their thoughts this will encourage them to connect with the website’s online community. This is in turn will help the website in seeing the mindset of the reader. It will make the website more conscious of the reader’s thinking which can be used to decide the topics on which the content can be created and that will prove to be useful to the readers.


  7. Allow the freelancers to share their content  - If a website is open to new kind of content written by able and competent freelancers then it can obviously help the website in many ways. Most importantly, the freelancers can include their writing style so that the content on the website becomes more reader-worthy. This will also add to the diversity of the content. The freelancers can be paid according to the number of words. On some occasions , the freelancers can even provide content ideas. These ideas can in turn help the content creators of a particular website to diversify their topics and content creation strategies.This will help in increasing traffic to the website


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